Recently, a couple of reviews of Deep Discipleship for Dark Days have been published.¬†Jack Taylor, author […]
Deep Discipleship for Dark Days (D4) should be available this week and I look forward to […]
Chapters 17 and 18 cover technical language, expanding on one of three styles of speech in […]
Regarding regenerate infants within Frame’s paedobaptistic understanding, there would seem to be a weakness regarding what […]
Mostly quotes below in a good and relatively thorough chapter on Leviticus. The only thing I […]
Frame’s views on regeneration emphasize his view that the ordo salutis is not clearly linear. His […]
On page 31, Schreiner has an excellent paragraph on the interaction between God’s sovereignty and Pharaoh’s […]
The relations between man and female form a mediatory triad. Like the creation of the heavens, […]
Next weekend, I will be gathering with a few men from our church to instruct them […]
I am taking a break from Kostenberger’s Biblical Theology, and am starting on Thomas Schreiner’s, called […]