Recently, a couple of reviews of Deep Discipleship for Dark Days have been published. Jack Taylor, author and long-time pastor, writes in The Light,

“Dirks is a proficient and studious prophetic voice on the cultural and spiritual realities impacting the followers of Jesus…. Deep Discipleship is a discovery and survival manual to assist believers in keeping their integrity in the coming cataclysm.”

Monergism has also published Shafer Parker’s review. Shafer states,

“It seems to me that for the church to survive, let alone thrive during the coming crisis, we need books by spiritual preppers. If we are to grow the kingdom of God in the coming years, we need to hear from people who realize that today’s troubles are fundamentally spiritual, and we need writers who equip believers to be victorious soldiers in today’s existential war.

Fortunately, a handful of writers are indeed awake to the needs of the hour. Included among them is New Westminster, British Columbia pastor Paul Dirks, whose latest offering, Deep Discipleship for Dark Days: A Manual for Holding Fast to What is Good speaks powerfully to the spiritual needs of our day.”

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