Mostly quotes below in a good and relatively thorough chapter on Leviticus. The only thing I […]
On page 31, Schreiner has an excellent paragraph on the interaction between God’s sovereignty and Pharaoh’s […]
I am taking a break from Kostenberger’s Biblical Theology, and am starting on Thomas Schreiner’s, called […]
The following are some expanded thoughts relative to a sermon I will be preaching this Sunday […]
Excellent, and well-balanced section here: Regarding the covenant of creation or works, I remain committed to […]
This is the first subdivision in which I think the authors significantly misread a book. I […]
Great section on the parallels between Joshua and Moses on p161-162: “His likeness to Mosses is […]
Numbers (p134-139) The section devoted to the book of Numbers is small, comprising a mere five […]
Exodus (p118-127) “What would later become Johannine terminology of faith/signs punctuates the [plague] narrative (Ex. 4:1, […]
Consistent with their canonical focus, the authors argue on p199-200 that there are dangers in relying […]