WOMAN Means Something

Begun in response to Bill C-16, the WOMAN Means Something campaign highlights women’s sex-based rights in Canada, centered around their privacy rights and protections.

It houses the Target study, which has been downloaded over 10,000 times and is one of the first statistical investigations into the effects of gender-identity based privacy policies . 

Although it is no longer being regularly updated, it contains dozens of useful articles, including on the literature around gender identity and transition.

Target Study

Gender-Inclusion Policies and Sexual Violence:
A Longitudinal Analysis of Media Reports at Target Stores

Is Transition “Gay-Eugenics”?

Half of All Desisters Are Same-Sex Attracted: A Review of the Desistance Literature in Regard to “Orientation”

Trans Homicide Rates

Transgender Day of Remembrance
and Homicide Rates

Gender Dysphoria Remits

Is It a Myth That the Vast Majority of Gender Dysphoric Children Desist?

Video Literature Reviews

Literature Review on
Long-Term Outcomes for Transition

Literature Review on Desistence of Gender Dysphoria

Protests and Public Advocacy

Stand Up, Speak Up! Rally

April, 2021

Stop SOGI Rally

July, 2018

Townhall Presentation

Sept, 2017


Does Procreation Belong in the Definition of Marriage?

Paper prepared for discussion on the Statement on Gender and Sexuality within the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada.

Research over the last decade has solidified the finding that sexual minorities are far more likely to have faced adverse experiences during childhood—experiences that they ought to be able to explore in therapy.

A pattern begins to emerge as we survey some of the best and longest outcome studies on gender transition: the longer the studies and the better the methods, the more negative the results.


9 Reasons
SOGI123 Must Be Stopped

Created for BC and Alberta Parents, in conjunction with Parents United Canada, this brochure calls for parents to stand for their children against the SOGI123 program. 

What Does Transgender Mean? 

Reliable Facts About a New Phenomenon and Its Impact on Children

This brochure, an FAQ-type pamphlet produced with Parents United Canada, contains reliable data and solutions for parents around transgender concerns and transition .

Theology of Sex & Gender

For Christian pastors, parents, youth leaders, and Sunday School teachers, this brochure aims to provide a scriptural grounding for understanding sex & gender  in light of current controversies.