Chapters 17 and 18 cover technical language, expanding on one of three styles of speech in […]
Regarding regenerate infants within Frame’s paedobaptistic understanding, there would seem to be a weakness regarding what […]
Frame’s views on regeneration emphasize his view that the ordo salutis is not clearly linear. His […]
Among this excellent and well-balanced treatment on jealousy and anger, my only niggle is that, without […]
As Poythress moves from some basic and grounding material in parts 1 and 2 (p1-78), his […]
“God reveals his standards to us in his deeds and personal self-revelation, but most explicitly in […]
I consider John Frame to be among the very best of contemporary theologians and, as I […]
I think the criticisms noted here of Aquinas (whom Emery defends) are indeed valid, but only […]
On Faith and Repentance (p951-962) I found this section by Farme to be quite helpful, in […]
On Union with Christ (p913-917): “The intimacy of this language justifies the use of this topic […]