Recently, I re-tweeted a small thread of ideas from a brother which echoed almost perfectly my own views, including some subtle criticisms of a method of sermon preparation that has prevailed in my circles over the last twenty years. The author, “Bryan of Alexandria” cites Matt Chandler as an example, but if I am not mistaken, this was Tim Keller’s big thing too. No doubt the list could go on pretty long. I love typology and seeing how Christ is foreseen in the Old Testament, but I think that trying to make Christ and his active obedience the point of every OT sermon truncates the breadth of application. Not only this, however, but it also makes preaching the OT more difficult than it ought to be. In my Preaching Lab, I am interested in removing the undue complexities of preaching, and this would be one example. Anyways, if you are a preacher, I encourage you to read the thread.


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