A wondrous passage on the glories of adoption from Samuel Willard. Note the intimate language drawn from the Song of Songs.

“This teacheth us that the Glory of the sons of God must needs be wonderfully and astonishingly great: For why? Have they not already in hand, that which surpasses the knowledge of all the world, and which is in value transcendently more worth than all the Crowns and Kingdoms, and Gloryes of it? Do they not live upon, and satisfie their souls with marrow and fatness here, Psal. 63.5. Are they not here replenished with the fatness of God’s house? Psal. 36.8. Who, but he that enjoys it, can declare what an happiness it is to enjoy peace with God, and fellowship with Christ, assurance of his love, and consolation of his spirit? Who, but he that hath felt it, can tell what it is to have the love of God shed abroad in his heart, and in his Soul to hear the sweet voice of Pardon, and promises of Glory? to ly all night in the bosom of Christ, and have his left hand underneath his head, and his right hand imbracing of him? And yet he that knows all this doth not know what he shall be: These are but the displayes of the outward Temple, or holy place; what then is to be seen in the holy of Holies? These are but drops, and rivulets which come in Pipes, and in little portions; how glorious a thing then must it needs be to dwel at the fountain, and swim for ever in those bankless, and bottomless Oceans of Glory? How happy then are the dead in Christ, who are now seeing, tasting, knowing and experiencing these things?” (p69-70)

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Samuel Willard, The Child’s Portion, Samuel Green, Boston, 1684.
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